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Triton® 2400w / 3.2hp Dual Mode Precision Router

Triton® 2400w / 3.2hp Dual Mode Precision Router

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Designed by woodworkers for woodworkers! From the ground up, the multi-award winning TRA001 has been the benchmark in professional routers around the world since its release. Key features include a powerful 2400w / 3.2hp soft-start electronically controlled motor that automatically maintains speed under load, as well as side-mounted cooling vents that ensure minimal sawdust intrusion when the router is mounted upside down in a router table.

The best ideas are often the simplest, and the TRA001's three-stage height adjustment system is a perfect example of this. It only takes seconds to remove the plunge return spring which then allows for easy lifting and adjustment of the router when it's mounted in a router table.

One of the most significant features of this machine is its rack and pinion height adjustment. This allows you to switch from using it as a conventional plunge router to using it as a fixed-base router with a simple turn of a dial.

Safety has also been a prime consideration in the design of the TRA001, especially where bit changes are concerned. The automatic spindle lock will only engage when the power switch's safety cover is closed, ensuring that the tool cannot be accidentally switched on during this procedure.

If power, versatility and ease of use are what you're looking for in a router, the Triton TRA001 will meet and exceed your expectations.

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input power 2400w / 3.2hp
speeds  8,000 to 21,000rpm 
includes soft start? yes
electronic speed maintenance?
1/2" - includes 1/4" reducer 
depth adjustment
winder - rack and pinion
micro winder
conventional 'free' plunge 
spindle lock auto
plunge range 0 to 68mm
micro adjustment infinite
bit changes  through-base, single wrench 
safety on / off switch/  yes 
removable plunge spring? yes
guide fence extended baseplate with adjustable fence
net weight 7.4kg
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 Model   Product Name   Price 
TRI-TRA001B  Triton® 2400w / 3.2hp Dual Mode Precision Router  $439.00
TRI-TGA150  Template Guide Kit  $87.00
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)  
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