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Plano Vertical Glue Press Wall Bracket - 1100mm

Product Code: PLANO-20030

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Tags Plano
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  • Features
  • Details
  • Specifications
  • Vertically mounted to save space
  • Vertical and lateral pressure clamps the boards together with the faces flush at the same time.
  • 1250mm maximum clamping height
  • 120mm maximum clamping width
  • 1m guide rails can easily be joined together to clamp longer panels
  • Light weight construction

For so long, clamping panels took up a lot of space and used heavy clamps. Storing such clamps was always problematic due to the number of clamps required for a good job, uneven pressure also causes many joints to fail due to uneven pressure or mismatched clamps

The Plano clamp solves these issues, being vertically mounted, there is very little floor or bench space taken up during this process. Many cabinet shops save their glue up process until the end of the day, covering all horizontal surfaces with panels and clamps allowing the glue to dry overnight. This can be a thing of the past now.

Fit the clamp system to a wall and clamping will no longer take up valuable space. Boards up to 120mm can be joined into panels using these clamps, in infinite lengths. Evenly distributed forces ensure joints are not forced apart, with easy and quick adjustment during the gluing and clamping process. Board are centred due to the bars pressing in as the clamps are tightened.

The clamps always stay in one place, eliminating the need to store them between uses. The 1.1m wall bracket is screwed to the wall, with the clamps permanently mounted. Rails can be mounted end to end to extend the clamping capability.

Please note that you need 1 x Wall Bracket per 3 - 4 clamps.

Brand Plano
Maximum Stock Thickness 120mm