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Bridge City Tools 50 Degree Honing Kit

Product Code: BC-HK50-CSM

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50 Degree Honing Kit by Bridge City Tool Works 

The Mini Honing Guide Kit includes one honing plate and 1 steel blade, honed to 50 degrees for planing highly-figured or reversing grains in your workpiece. It works in conjunction with the 30° Mini Honing Guide (not included) and allows you to easily and quickly set up a perfect 50° bevel. Simply slip the iron into the Honing Guide and sit it on the 50° set up gauge so that the iron touches the lip of the gauge. With both rollers firmly grounded on the flat of the gauge, lock the iron in place. You can then run this set up over your honing stone with the certainty that the angle is a perfect 50° and the bevel is parallel across the iron.

The blade supplied works with your HP-8 Mini Block Plane, giving you a low and high angle blade option at hand. Your plane irons should be honed frequently for the best performance. Irons which become worn or nicked will need to be ground first on a coarser stone before being honed.

(Note: The 30° Honing Guide is required for use, but not included. It is only pictured here to demonstrate the set-up for the 50° Honing Kit).

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