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Bridge City Kerfmaker

Product Code: BC-KM-1

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  • Features
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  • Bridge City Tool Works
  • Made of Tri-Coloured Anodised Aluminium
  • Simple to use jig for creating perfectly fitting Lap Joints, Grooves and Dadoes
  • Uses direct stock reference, rather than numerical measurement
  • Can be used with stock up to 50mm in thickness
  • Unit is 81mm x 31mm x 13mm in size
  • Supplied in a Presentation Box
The Bridge City Kerfmaker is a measuring tool designed to create perfectly fitting Lap Joints, Grooves and Dadoes using direct stock reference, not numerical measurements.

Made from aluminum that has been anodised in three colours, it is finished by glass bead blasting, providing an anti-friction surface with high hardness and beautiful appearance. While you could make your own jigs for this type of job, Bridge City has taken out the guesswork and crafted a beautiful and precise setup tool. It’s a wise choice for any woodworker utilising these common timber joinery methods.

The Kerfmaker is capable of measuring stock thickness up to 50mm, yet small enough to be put in your pocket so it is always conveniently at hand. It consists of one block, two sliders and two locking knobs. Use is simple and perfect fitting joints can be made in just three steps -
  • Step 1: Confirm the width of your blade blade kerf by using the distance between orange sliders and blocks.
  • Step 2: Confirm the width of the stock by putting it between the block and slider and locking this in place by clamping tightly.
  • Step 3: Now use the orange slider and the block against your fence as a flip stop to achieve perfectly fitting, precision joints for that stock thickness!
The KM-1 is 81mm x 31mm x 13mm in size.
Brand Bridge City Tools


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