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Bridge City 200mm Try Square

Product Code: BC-TS-2V2-M

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  • Features
  • Details
  • Specifications
  • Bridge City Tool Works
  • 200mm Try Square with Deep Laser Etched Metric Graduations
  • Blade Straightness Accuracy to within 0.025mm over the blade length
  • Factory Set 90° Angle Accuracy to within 0.05°
  • Can be recalibrated if ever required
  • Hard Stainless Steel blade with PVD coating
  • Anodised Aluminium Interlocked Body in Two colours
  • 1:8 Ratio Dovetail Guide within the Blade
  • 3 sizes available
  • Supplied in Presentation Box
The very first tool designed and produced by John Economaki was the Try Square in 1983, simply out of frustration with try squares on the market that weren’t square! Hence, Bridge City Tool Works was established. The try square became the cornerstone of this newly formed company and every woodworker needs an accurate, precision try square!

The blade is made of stainless-steel and has a smooth finish processed with a special PVD coating (Physical Vapor Deposition) which while beautiful, provides a superior hardness along with strong corrosion and wear resistance. It can therefore be used with a marking knife without fear of cutting into the square blade edge. The special surface of the blade can also be marked with a pencil for layout work, yet wiped clean when done. Finally, the blade also features rounded corners to assist in preventing blade damage if dropped and a 1:8 dovetail cutout profile for dovetail marking! 

The TS-2V2-M is the largest of the three Try Sqaures in the range and is the only one to feature deeply laser etched metric graduated markings to 200mm.

The Miter Square edge is accurate to ±0.025mm over the full length of the blade. The accuracy of the 90° angle formed by the steel blade and handle is within 0.05°, ensuring the accuracy of your projects. The handle of the miter square consists of two L-shaped sections that sandwich the blade and forms a tight and accurate 90° with the handle. Should you ever drop your square and are concerned about the impact on accuracy, the mounting screws can be loosened and the square recalibrated off a true reference again.

The hollow design of the handle makes it easy for the operator to grasp and hold in use, with a deliberate tactile and playful design element in the 'loose' orange insert. The surface of the miter square handle has matte finishing, which is both beautiful and maintenance free. One side of the handle is dark grey; the other side is silver. Its material of anodized aluminium alloy increases the hardness and wear resistance for extended tool life.

All this and available in three sizes - the two smaller of which do not have laser etched measurements. It even comes in a beautiful presentation box - the perfect gift idea!

Bridge City Tools, designed by John Economaki, crafted by Harvey Industries and Proudly Distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Carbatec.
Brand Bridge City Tools


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