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DMT Sharpener Kit for Turners & Carvers

Product Code: DMT-TCKIT-F

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  • Convenient carry case easily hung in the workshop, or kept in a tool box or drawer
  • Good selection of small stones for those smaller jobs

The DMT Sharpener Kit for Turners & Carvers is an ideal kit for carvers and woodturners, with its tapered diamond slip stones and credit card sized sharpener, each able to get into those tight spaces that other sharpeners cannot. The tapered stones are great for both turning and carving gouges, with the credit card style sharpener good for other honing, including router bits as well as chisels.

Supplied in a carry case that can be hung in the workshop, put into a toolbox, bench or drawer for convenience so it always nearby and within reach.

Available in DMT’s red Red Diamond Colour – Fine.

A short list of edges this model can address:

Gouge, Spoke Shave, Adze, Roughing Gouge, Carving Tool, Farrier Knife, Sickle, Scythe

Case Open: 387mm x 152mm x 25mm      

Case Closed: 227mm x 152mm x 25mm

Credit Card Style:   82mm x 51mm x 1.27mm   

Large 19mm to 32mm diameter x 203 half-round cone.

Medium 9.5mm to 19mm diameter x 152mm half-round cone.

Small: 3.2mm to 9.5mm diameter x 102 cone with 102mm handle.

Brand DMT