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These powder pigments are ultra-fine purity from Japan and are available in a wide range of colours. As they are a powdered mica, they are not base specific and can be mixed with any brand or type of Epoxy Resin. Further, they are even more flexible allowing you to create custom lacquer finishes and paints, even clay, glazes, slime, bath bombs, soaps, candle making and more! Just a little concentrated powder goes a very long way.

Truly versatile, any of our 30 powder colours can be mixed to create unique custom shades. We are also offering some specialty ranges in sample box sets including,

Eye Candy Box
Eye Candy Jars

Glow-in-the-Dark (awesome multi-colour luminous!) sets, Hue (blended colour) Series Set, Neon (very vivid) Colour Sets, Colour-Shift (it’s purple/no it’s orange!) Set and of course, a River/Ocean specific colour pack!

Don’t forget to pick up some high-quality (yes - such a thing exists) Mixing sticks while you are at it!

We are very excited to release this range to the Australian market.

Be bold. Get creative.
Be Colourful
with Eye Candy!
For more information on the range and how to use them, download our helpful PDF's!

Sample Packs


5 colours x 5 grams

Shinto Shrine, Sumo Wrestler, Haiku, Kabuki, Shishi Roll.

River Table

10 colours x 5 grams

Icicle, Carolina Blue, Dark Ocean Green, Blueblood, Sora-Iro Blue, Rainbow Green, Okinawa Blue, Shide, Macaw Blue Green and Dark Ocean Blue.


11 colours x 5 grams

Saturn Yellow, UFO Green, Arc Orange, Blaze Orange, Cosmic Red, Firebird Red, Flamingo Red, Plastic Pink, Magma Magenta, Electric Blue and Proton Purple.

Hue Series

15 colours x 2 grams

Violence Violet, Green Day, Jasmine, Aztec Purple, Nebula Green, Chartreuse, Iceberg Blue, Green Onion, Beetle Blue, Purple Jam, Blue Orchid, Valentine Red, Candy Red, Rusty, and Macaw Blue Green.

Glow in the Dark

11 colours x 5 grams

Daijin Blue, Mizudori Green, Beni Red, Midori Green, Daidaiiro Orange, Orenji Orange, Momoiro Pink, Shojin Blue, Daitoku Purple, Daishin Yellow and Asagi Yellow Green.