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Book - "Grandpa's Workshop" By Maurice Pommier

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"Grandpa's Workshop" is a beautiful 48 page Children's Book though the stories, lessons and drawing style will appeal to anyone who has an appreciation for the natural and the fantastical. The tale is told through the eyes of Sylvain, the youngest of the woodworkers in the family, as he spends his holidays in the shop of his grandfather.

Sylvain wants to learn about the hand tools in and the elves who hide amongst the shavings, benches and tool chests there. Sylvain learns about his family and its connection to woodworkers all over the world.

"Grandpa's Workshop" is a magnificent tale filled with 100's of beautiful illustrations. It is a story that is untouched by the modern tendency to sugar coat stories and it is a little scary in parts, there is a vicious dragon, a tragic jobsite accident, a war and even a family murder. This tale is sure to fascinate and spark something in the reader, perhaps a love of wood, the mysteries of the forest or working with one's hands.

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