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Graspego Clamp Heads for Bar Clamps and Hold Downs - 2 clamp heads

Product Code: GRA-OH-R50

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GRASPEGO - Endless Gripping Options

Woodworkers know well the difficulties of holding unusually shaped objects for working and gluing procedures. Think of furniture work such as repairing a chair where complex curves can require clamping at odd angles to various corners... Or repositioning a carving you are working on for access to a different area - even spoon carving! Enter Graspego's unique workholding solutions.

Conceptually, Graspego hails from Israel and much thought has been placed in it's design and capability. These clamp heads will convert your standard Bar style Clamp or Hold Down clamp into a multipurpose clamping device, capable of firmly holding objects of all sorts of shapes. Used in combination with their Dog Mounted Clamp Heads, the clamping possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

This set features two clamp heads, made of tough impact resistant nylon plastic with both a hard face and a silicon soft jaw that slips over for marr resistant clamping, included. The clamp face itself is capable of rotating a full 360˚, while the curved quarter round peaks position themselves on your work for the best hold. This face is spring loaded against a toothed backing so when force is applied, the clamp face then 'locks' itself in position to prevent further rotation or slipping. The whole head itself is designed to fit over the end of your standard bar clamp or hold down clamp. Its dovetail shaped jaws ensure it self-centres onto your clamp face and pulls in to lock down firmly. A single allen key operates this lock via a twin-threaded self centring screw. Over-engineered anyone?!!

This set contains two rotating heads. The rotating head is designed to accommodate clamp faces from 15.5mm to 42mm wide and 10mm to 36.5mm thick. Alternatively, there is also a set designed for F-Clamps and Hold Downs with one rotating and one fixed head - both are quick and easy to install or remove. These clamp heads will fit most clamps, including many Bessey, Bora and Rockler, but please measure your clamp faces to ensure they will fit your clamps first.

A couple of sets in every workshop should have you covered for clamping and holding those odd pieces that have caused so much frustration for so many woodworkers!

For even more versatility, combine these with the Dog Mounted Clamp Heads on your dog hole ready work surface. These are available in sets to suit both 3/4" (19.05mm) dog holes often found in traditional benches, or metric 20mm dog holes for the more modern work tables now popular.  In combination, you can clamp practically anything.

Carbatec are proud to introduce Graspego to the Australian market.
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