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Veritas Beading Tool & 6 Cutters

Product Code: 05P04-50

$135.00 inc GST
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Features & Benefits
  • Comfortable handles. 
  • Adjustable depths of cut.
  • Different profiles available.
  • blanks available to create unique profiles.

Creating a nice decorative bead is now easily done with the Veritas Beading Tool, and can be done in both hardwoods and softwoods to give a delicate touch and be used left-handed or right-handed. Use the Veritas standard cutters, or by using a blank cutter custom profiles can be achieved when requiring a unique look or when matching an existing bead or profile. 

The ample size handles allow for good control, with the ball knob able to be pivoted 90°, a comfortable grip should be found easily. While designed to cut on the push stroke, they can just as easily be used on the pull action as well. 

Cutters are made from hardened spring steel, giving long wear and good cutting capability. The beading tool comes in the box with the 5 blanks and a single groove cutter.
Product Specifications
Brand Veritas