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Kreg Precision Beaded Faceframe System

Product Code: KR-PRS1200

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  • Features
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  • Specifications
  • Integrated clamp with quick release handle and adjustability for variable stock thickness
  • Control arm provides smoother operation when plunging workpiece into the bit
  • Sliding base with 20 stainless steel ball bearings for easy operation
  • Included router table stop to repeat precise cuts over and over
  • Suits Kreg Router Table KR-PRS1045

Beaded face frames are a good way to add depth and interest to both doors and panels in cabinetry. This system makes this previously difficult job very simple and quick. This is a task that used to take time, and/or use machinery that would cost a lots of money, then would not be used again until the next frame or door job, and still take up that space.

This system uses the Large Kreg router table, by replacing the fence with one that pivots/slides forward and back. This action makes it useable for this process and others where the face of the timber needs to fed into a router bit. The fence is small, so will not take up the same amount of space that a machine would.

This process involves notching of rails and stiles. The notching is done by a router bit with a 45° angle, so when the rail is matched with the stile, a perfect 90° angle is achieved. Once the components are fitted together dry, to see the fit, mark the front face, and use a beading router bit to give a decorative mould to add detail. No more spending time cutting mitres, fitting, adjusting and then gluing.

How It Works:

  • Use the control arm and smooth-sliding base to plunge the stiles into the specialized notching bit.
  • Use the Precision Router Stop to ensure perfectly placed notches on the rails.
  • Switch to your standard routing fence and specialized beading bit to apply a decorative bead.
  • Use Kreg Joinery™ to secure the notched stiles and rails together. Glue is optional.
  • Integrated Clamp
  • This heavy-duty clamp holds your workpieces firmly in place. It features a quick-release handle and adjustability for variable material thicknesses.


Brand Kreg
Suits Kreg Router Table KR-PRS1045