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Veritas Metal Bender

Product Code: 50K08-01

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There are times when you need to bend a metal part and simply using a vise and some brute force just won't do the job. This metal bender allows anyone to form a metal part with control. The product has two parts; the male die and the V-block. Both are made of high-strength malleable cast iron that is capable of bending up to 1/8inch (3.2mm) mild steel. Each piece (about 3inch long by 1-1/8inch wide) clamps itself against a vise jaw using embedded 1/2inch rare earth magnets. The main purpose of the metal bender is to make bends up to 90 degrees for such things as angle brackets and sheet-metal parts. A versatile and inexpensive tool for any shop. Weight: 450g.
Brand Veritas