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41 Piece Tap & Die Set - Metric

Product Code: GZ-41M

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These professional sets are made of Carbon Steel. Each set contains: 3 x Tap Wrenches; 1 x Thread Pitch Gauge; 3 x Die Stocks for Round Dies; 17 Taps and 17 Dies. Available in Metric or Imperial sizes. Imperial set includes: 4-40 NC; 6-32 NC; 8-32 NC; 10-24 NC; 10-32 NF; 12-24 NC; 1/8inch-27NPT; 1/4inch-20 NC; 1/4inch-28 NF; 5/16inch-18 NC; 5/16inch-24 NF; 3/8inch-16 NC; 3/8inch-24 NF; 7/16inch-14NC; 7/16inch-20NF; 1/2inch-13 NC and 1/2inch-20 NF. Metric set includes: 3mm-0.50mm; 4mm-0.70mm; 4mm-0.75mm; 5mm-0.80mm; 5mm-0.90mm; 6mm-1.00mm; 7mm-1.00mm; 8mm-1.00mm; 8mm-1.25mm; 9mm-1.00mm; 9mm-1.25mm; 10mm-1.25mm; 10mm-1.50mm; 11mm-1.50mm; 12mm-1.50mm; 12mm-1.75mm and 1/8inch-28 BSP.
Brand Groz