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Microjig GRR-RIP Block Pushblock

Product Code: MIC-GB1

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GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Pushblock

The smart choice for safety.

  • Auto-retracting heel technology hooks the tail-end of your board
  • Proprietary Green GRR-RIP for extreme hold
  • 90-degree flip guide for vertical footing on band saws and router tables
  • Ergonomic handle exerts directional pressure against the fence
  • Optional mounts for Deflector/Connector shield plate for additional protection against chip debris
  • Auto-retracting heel technology hooks the tail-end of your board
  • Proprietary Green GRR-RIP for extreme hold

Safety is one the most important things to consider when working with machines or power tools. Anytime work is being done near a blade, it is ideal that something be pushing or holding the workpiece, other than your fingers!

GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Pushblock. The smart choice for safety.

Product Description:

Harness the ultimate control that comes from combining our Green GRR-RIP High Friction Material with Smart Hooks that drop into position when you need them, and retract when you don't.

Smart hooks grab the tail end of the board to give you complete control and confidence to finish the cut. Smart Hooks automatically drop down when you need them, and instantly retract mid-board. They can also be locked into the retracted position. There when you need them – out of the way when you don’t.

Nothing is more unnerving than a pushpad that slips and breaks down. Our proprietary non-slip Green GRR-RIP grips like magic and lasts longer than traditional non-slip materials. The "podular" design is made of pods that individually compress, giving you better traction than a flat pushpad. The grooves allow for wood dust and debris to escape. Easily cleaned with denatured or household rubbing alcohol.

No matter which way you flip it, smart hooks still fall into place. Use the GRR-RIP BLOCK in the vertical position to resaw or veneer cuts firmly against the fence to prevent bandsaw drift and ensure a straight cut from beginning to end.

Made in the USA.
Brand Micro Jig


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