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Microjig 'Microdial' premium taper cutting jig

Product Code: MIC-TJ5000

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MICRODIAL Tapering Jig

The most precise, versatile tapering jig. Make smarter tapers with this precision engineering marvel! 

Precision taper cuts as accurate as 1/8 of a degree
Cut up to 8-sided tapered legs together with the GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock (sold separately)
Infinite taper adjustments between 0 and 10 degrees
Two independent MemoryLocks keeps angles for repeat taper cuts
Compatible with GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock (sold separately)

Safety is one the most important thing to consider when doing any work with machines or power tools. MicroJig have done it again, this time to cut tapers.

To safely cut on a tablesaw, the blade needs to be parallel to both the mitre slot and the fence. This will result in quality parallel edges. However, to cut something with tapered edges requires use of a jig, and this is the jig to use.

The Microdial Jig runs against the fence, and allows precision settings between 0 and 10 degrees. With MICRODIAL’s two built-in dials, you can set your taper angle by degrees, or rise over run. MICRODIAL is the only tapering jig with incremental and exact measurement markings to set the angle of your cut. So precise, it locks in angles as fine as 1/8th of a degree. The ColorMatch technology ensures accurate and easy set up using color-coded markings. Using rise over run, you can set your taper based on the amount of material you want to remove. Simply set your taper up to 2 inch in 1/16 inch intervals to remove the exact amount you need. We even provide the simple step-by-step taper formula to deliver unmatched accuracy.

For those regularly cut tapers of the same size, you can set Memory Locks so that this angle is pre-set and ready to be used again next time. For rough sawn pieces that do not have a straight edge, the Trailing Block is mounted at the rear of the jig to act to push to the workpiece through past the blade providing a straight edge.

Used in combination with the MicroJig GRR-Ripper 100 or 200, makes cutting tapers even safer. Cutting the first two tapers, the square stock rests against the Microdial Jig comfortably. However, the third and fourth cuts will no longer be the same angle if cut with the stock sitting against the jig due to the angles already cut. MicroJig have thought about this and solved it. Simply set the angle to double the original angle and you're set for a perfectly matched four sided taper.

This is the best jig on the market that offers a fast, accurate taper cutting ability, that is safe at the same time.

Made in the USA.

What's in the box:

(1) MICRODIAL Tapering Jig

(1) Includes Quickstart Instructional DVD.

(1) Project Log

GRR-RIPPERs sold seperately

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