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Veritas Mitre Plane with O1 Blade

Product Code: 05P56-51

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The Veritas® Miter Plane with an O1 steel blade has been designed to be used upright, or on either side. A shooting horn is attached when using on the side to make handling this plane comfortable.

The weight and mass of the plane gives good inertia and momentum to give a good result. Its sides are machined square to the sole, and made from fully stress-relieved, duct cast iron. It’s 66.6mm wide, 267mm long and 2.2Kg.

The mouth on the Veritas Mitre Plane can be opened up, or closed depending on the job at hand. Generally, a larger gap copes better with heavier cuts, and a smaller gap is better for fine shavings to reduce tear out.

Being a bevel-up plane, it has a low bed angle of 12°, 25° blade angle giving a cut angle of 37° giving good clean end cuts. The O1 blade is 51mm wide (2"), and 4.76mm thick (3/16") thick. A light none is recommended even though they are already lapped. Available also in PM-V11® tool steel. Veritas us a Norris adjuster, which allows for quick and easy adjusting of the blade, with two blade guide screws preventing lateral movement. 

Made in Canada.
Brand Veritas