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Multi-Axis Spindle Turning: A Systematic Exploration by Barbara Dill

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Master the art of multi-axis spindle turning! This book offers a strategy for understanding multi-axis turning and the many options available to create unique forms. Dill, a self-professed "experimental turner," takes readers step by step through this complex area of turning. Working in multiple axes on a spindle can be confusing, but as Dill teaches the "hows" of turning spindles as systematic building blocks for future work, turners can finally make this skill their own. Hundreds of photos and diagrams offer detailed guidance, and explain the variables - axis placement, profile, orientation of the new axis to the center axis, and so on - and how they apply to each "quadrant" of multi-axis work. Split and thermed turning methods, planning tips, tricks of the trade, and a three-sided goblet project help you succeed. Concepts come to life as Dill shows examples of not only her work, but the work of other expert turners.


Barbara Dill teaches and lectures on woodturning throughout the US and Canada. Always fascinated with multi-axis forms, she decided to focus her attention on multi-axis spindle turning in 2006. She is a full-time studio artist in Rockville, Virginia.


  • This one-of-a-kind teaching method makes a confusing topic understandable, opening an exciting area to turners
  • Hundreds of photos and diagrams offer detailed guidance and step-by-step help
  • Empowers you to explore the infinite options available, and create forms yet to be discovered

274 colour photographs and illustrations

Brand Peribo
Dimensions 254mm X 178mm
Pages 128