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Veritas Skew Block Plane LH

Product Code: 05P77-01

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Veritas refer to this plane as a “truly versatile plane” - it can efficiently be used to trim rebates (rabbets), work end grain, make final jointing cuts on boards, plus you can use it in all the ways you would a regular block plane. The skew angle that the blade provides an exceptional shear cut and eliminates the need to skew the body in use.

In addition to the 15° skewed blade, the bed it rests on is set at a low 12° angle. This makes cutting most grain simple and clean. The Norris adjuster and side set screws make for easy setting of the blade, and keep it positioned during use. The unique addition of a scoring spur positioned ahead of the blade, reduces tear out when cutting or rebating across the grain.

The machine ground ductile cast iron body features a hardwood knob which locks and unlocks the mouth, allowing a narrow opening for fine cuts in difficult grains that can often lift and tear out, or opened up for heavier cuts on suitable material.

Coming with an A2 tool steel blade that is already lapped ready for use, regular honing and polishing of the bevel is all that is required to maintain the edge. The blade is 1/8" (3.18mm) thick, 1-1/2" (38.1mm) wide and comes ground with a 25° bevel.

The plane is also supplied with a fence system to offer the user complete control of setting the width of the desired cut.

Available in right or left handed versions, this unit is the LH variant.

Plane and accessories made in Canada.

Brand Veritas


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