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Medium Traditional Tote for Veritas® Custom Bench Planes

Product Code: 06P20-29

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The ability to have a plane that fits your hand and style, that is made to your liking is here with the Veritas® Custom Bench Planes.

All totes are made using domestic torrefied maple, wood treated with a heating process that changes the structure of the wood at the cellular level, stabilizing it against the swelling and shrinkage caused by humidity changes.

The Traditional Tote is based on historical plane handles. It has a more pronounced forward lean and is more curved than the Veritas tote. This allows you to apply more downward force to the plane and makes the plane more comfortable to use on low surfaces.

  • With a measurement across the palm of up to 76mm (3”), select a Small Tote size.
  • With a measurement across the palm of between 80mm to 98mm (3-1/8” to 3-7/8”), select a Medium Tote size.
  • With a measurement across the palm over 102mm (4”), select a Large Tote size.
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