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Arbortech® Mini Grinder

Arbortech® Mini Grinder

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  • Description

Designed to complement the Arbortech 100mm range of woodworking blades. It has been a breakthrough for many users around the world, allowing you to use one tool to perform a multitude of tasks. The tool utilises small 50mm accessories which, when fitted to the Mini Grinder, allow incredible access and control when you need to work confined, hard to reach places. Kit includes four sanding discs and one spare cutting blade. 710w / 240v motor with maximum 18,000rpm. Weight: 1.83kg.

Blade Kit includes Mini TURBO blade, extension adapter (62mm long), brass adapter, 4 assorted grit sanding discs, TorxTM key and assembly parts.

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 Model   Product Name   Price 
ARB-MIN300  Arbortech® Mini Grinder  $303.00
ARB-MIN500  Arbortech Mini Turbo Blade Kit  $153.00
ARB-MIN001  Arbortech® Mini Grinder Blades  $25.00
ARB-MIN003  Replacement Belt  $32.00
ARB-MIN016  Arbortech® Mini Grinder Diamond Blade  $29.00
ARB-MIN012  Arbortech® Tungsten Blade  $38.00
ARB-MIN002  Arbortech Sharpening File  $22.00
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products)  
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