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Veritas® Skew Rabbet Plane with PM-V11 Blade - Right Hand

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There is a natural tendency when using a hand plane to skew or angle it, making the cutting action a little easier, and giving a slightly cleaner cut at the same time. This though reduces the useable width of the plane and its blade, so having a plane already fitted with blade that is set to a skew angle means the full width of the plane can be used in this manner.

The blade on the Veritas® Skew Rabbet Planes are set at 30°, to make planing easier and quieter compared to using power tools. This coupled with the available fence for this narrow based plane for doing such jobs like tenons and raised panels requiring an angled cut. The 187mm long fence allows a maximum rabbet width of 38mm and is through drilled to accept a wooden extension. An adjustable shoe controls the rabbet depth to a maximum 19mm deep. Short 3-1/2" rods are supplied for the fence, with longer 6" rods available. Tear out on cross grain work is reduced with the fitted scoring spur that sits in front of the blade.

Supplied with a lapped blade 1/8" (3.2mm) thick and just over 35mm wide in PM-V11 steel.

Right handed version pictured.

Made in Canada.
Brand Veritas