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How to Make a Lidded Box

Allan Short works in our Customer Call Centre at Carbatec Brisbane and is an esteemed woodworker. 

This is one method for constructing a lidded box with a contrasting insert.  The insert substitutes the wood removed in separating what will be the lid and base of the box. 

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'In the Frame' for Mother's Day by Carol Russell

If you're looking for a truly unique gift this Mother’s Day, what about buying your Mum the tools that will introduce her to a highly addictive hobby? Picture framing is an incredibly rewarding pastime and anyone who has ever paid to have something framed will know how cost prohibitive it can be to get it done professionally.

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Getting Crafty

If you are looking for a way of utilising the small pieces of special timber that you have collected over the years, consider the many and varied craft kits available in our catalogue. These precious pieces of wood are waiting to be converted into valued souvenirs, gifts or everyday utensils. The delight that a friend or family member gets from receiving a gift that you have made is immeasurable.

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Meet the Maker: Elliot Holdstock

As a woodworker, Elliot Holdstock has cultivated an impressive portfolio of unique fine furniture pieces comprised of tables, chairs and lamps. The level of skill involved to create these functional pieces is paralleled to his level of craftsmanship to create these seamless designs.

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Wood Review Student Awards 2016

Carbatec has once again sponsored the Australian Wood Review in their yearly Student Awards for 2016! Students from year 11 and 12 submitted their work to be assessed by a panel of judges across several categories of skill sets.

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New MicroJig MJ Splitters Comparison

Safety should always the number one thought as a woodworker commences any work. Sometimes the removing the riving knife is required for cutting trenches, rebates and shallow cuts where the riving knife would get in the way. This has always been a risky practice until the MicroJig Splitters came along.

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Jeremy's Top Product Picks

Jeremy is a brand manager of the Wakerley team and for 22 years has worked in luthiery. Most luthiers would agree that it can appear overwhelming at first. However, Jeremy’s recommendation is to start simple and build your workshop over time...

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Finishing with Shellac by Carol Russell

More woodworkers are choosing traditional methods of finishing rather than quick fix solutions that don’t age well. Shellac is an ancient finish that gives a lustrous depth to timber and works well on both contemporary and traditional furniture.

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Tools We Can't Live Without

Here at Carbatec, many employees both in retail and customer care are very knowledgeable in all different types of woodworking, with years of experience under their belt. So we asked around to find out what products our expert woodworkers cannot live without!

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Lindsay's Top Product Picks

When not working as a retail specialist in Carbatec’s Wakerley store, Lindsay devotes his time to woodturning. After having had this passion for 12 years, he has cultivated years of knowledge and expertise, especially in Carbatec products.

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Spoon Carving Tools for Beginners

Spoon carving provides an easy and inexpensive entry into the art and skill of woodcarving for any beginner. It is recognised as a free form style of carving as there is really no limit to the design and form style of carving. Spoon carving also provides an excellent manner of learning the different aspects of various wood selections, including grain direction, colour, hardness/softness relating to ease of carving. 

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Allan's Top Product Picks

Allan makes up part of our Technical Customer Service Team here at Carbatec and also sends time as a Retail Assistance in the Wakerley store. Allan has been with us for 2 years and spends a lot of his spare time making wooden models of classic cars and recently won an award for his segmented woodturning.

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Sharpening Chisels & Plane Blades

Peter Young gives us some advice on sharpening chisels and plane blades.

If your blade is older and has had a lot of use, it may have some damage. Remove any nicks from cutting edge – I think it is better to do this first up so that you don’t waste time on metal which may need to be removed. 

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Which Kreg Jig Is Right For Me?

With so many amazing Kreg Jigs available, customers are always asking which jig is right for their project. So we have decided to make it a little easier to pick out your next Kreg Jig...

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Jordan Phillis - Aspiring Woodturner

Jordan Phillis came into our Brisbane Carbatec Store a few weeks ago, to buy his first lathe at the ripe old age of 12! Our staff were all really impressed by his enthusiasm and we wanted to learn more about how he found a passion for woodturning…

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Setting Up Your Workshop

Workshops tend to evolve over time and you don't always get the chance to plan as much as you may want to. However having a vision of where you are heading with your woodworking and what you want to make can help a lot.

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The Basics of Woodturning

When you first take up woodturning it’s possible and tempting to spend an enormous amount of money acquiring a comprehensive range of tools, chucks and accessories. However to get started it isn’t really necessary, you’re better to begin with a basic kit and go from there.

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Spotlight on Microplanes

Written by Lindsay, our Brisbane Showroom Assistant.

This past weekend, I had a good look at the range of microplanes we have on offer here at Carbatec and I have to say - they are a really special tool to have in the kit bag.

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Confessions of a Pen Addict

Cameron Ward shares his addiction to pen turning.

Turning pens is a fun and rewarding hobby. This is undoubtedly the reason behind its increasing popularity. Its easy accessibility in terms of requisite skill level and relative affordability makes it the hobby of choice for most first-time woodworkers. 

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Why Use Handplanes In A Modern World?

Written by Peter Geddes - a Brisbane-based woodworker.

It's very interesting to look at the place the handplane occupies in the history of woodworking. One of the most important changes that occurred in this history was the progression from the carpenter - whose main tools were the axe, adze and saw - to the joiner, cabinet maker and other craftsmen...

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All About Handsaws

Even if you use machinery for cutting most of your joinery, there are some things that are still best done with a handsaw. Being able to saw accurately to a line is a fundamental woodworking skill that can take a lot of practice to get it right, but is well worth the effort. Once you gain confidence, you may even find yourself cutting your dovetails or tenons by hand.

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The Basics of Dust Extraction - Part 2

In this edition Tony will expand on the subject and offer some direction for designing small workshop extraction systems. First, we need to look at requirements, specifically considering which machines you have and which machines you plan to add (the latter being the thing most people forget to take into account). Each type of machine has a certain airflow requirement for effective dust extraction.

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All Wood Chat: Woodturning with Theo Haralampou


Theo Haralampou or 'Theo the Woodturner', tells us about his passion for woodturning, his journey with it and where beginners should look to start. Theo is based in Brisbane and regularly hosts free demonstrations at Carbatec's Brisbane store.

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The Basics of Dust Extraction

You have just unpacked your latest purchase... a beautiful Carbatec 15" thicknesser. You've cast aside the unread manual and have dived headfirst into assembly. All bolts tightened, blades aligned, and we head straight for the pile of waiting timber...

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Tuning Your Bandsaw

Bandsaws are a must in any workshop, they are wonderful for cutting curves or preparing blanks for woodcarving or woodturning. If set up correctly, they can be used for ripping veneers or cutting mortises or even dovetails.

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Workshop Tip - Splinter Free Dovetailing

Carol Russell gives us a great tip for splinter free dovetailing.

I can’t remember where this tip came from, I think it was an old Fine Woodworking Magazine originally, but it’s one of the simplest and most effective tips I have ever been given. 

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How to Make a Longworth Chuck

Written by Allan Short.

The Longworth chuck features a self-centring mechanism that easily and quickly adjusts to the size of your turning by using a pair of disks which rotate against each other...

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From Observation to Expression

Written by Carol Russell about Gary Field.

Gary has been a stalwart of the woodworking community in Brisbane for three decades. His work has featured in galleries and exhibitions Australia-wide...

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All About Japanese Saws

Written by Jan Schilling.

It is unusual to visit a fine woodworker’s workshop and not find some Japanese saws (nokogiri) hanging on the tool rack. For people who haven’t encountered them, Jan Schilling offers some advice...

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Open Segment Jig

Allan Short works in our Customer Call Centre at Carbatec Brisbane and is an esteemed woodworker. 

This open segment jig is not complicated to use but has required thought and planning to construct so here is a summary of how I made my jig.

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Rendel's Top Product Picks

Rendel makes up part of our Marketing team here at Carbatec and has been here for 5 years. Rendel is a qualified cabinet maker and loves his DIY woodworking. He is currently working on designer bespoke bedside tables for his home.

We asked Rendell what his favourite tools in his workshop are and these were his top picks.

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Setting Up Shop

Written by Bruce Sharp.

Making stuff is fun and for five days a week, through most of my career as a teacher, I have made wooden stuff with teenagers. Imagine working with uninhibited creative minds and having the unfettered use of a well-equipped (semi-industrial) workshop. 

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Why I Love My Kreg Jig

My love affair with the Kreg® Jig started at the Brisbane Timber and Working With Wood Show over ten years ago. The applications seemed endless and over the years the jig paid for itself by miles in both time and effort.
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Protecting Your Assets

For most woodworkers there is nothing more saddening than returning to your workshop after some time away to find surface rust has taken hold of your prized table saw, or your favourite handplane has small rusty smudges all over it. In this article, we cover some of the simple steps you can take to keep the rust at bay and several products designed to help.

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The Act Of Making by Bruce Sharp

The following articles are an extraction from Bruce Sharp’s Blog ‘Built by Bruce’. Bruce is a long standing Carbatec Melbourne Retail Staff Member and a retired Woodworking Teacher who continues to share his passion for woodworking to the community including volunteering to teach a local disability group on a weekly basis.

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A Drawing Template For Spindle Turning

Robert McKee has been teaching woodturning and joinery to adults for over 25 years. Originally he trained as a wood machinist, but relatively early in his career he discovered that teaching was the thing that really motivated him.

After many years as a teacher within the TAFE system in Queensland and also in the private sector, he still gets great satisfaction from passing on knowledge and seeing how people grow in confidence and ability with a little guidance in the right direction.

Here he takes Carol Russell through the process of making a drawing template and explains how to use it as a reference to turn four identical table legs.

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Oil Finishing

Pure tung oil is food safe and can be used on chopping boards and utensils that are used for food preparation. Although it’s worth noting that as it’s pressed from a nut, people with severe allergies are advised to avoid its use.

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Woodworking Magazines Overview

Australia has a fine collection of woodworking magazines. They can be one of the best sources of information and a great place to find new projects. The information is current and relevant to woodworkers in our region. These publications run some great competitions and support local woodworking clubs. The classified sections advertise everything from timber to second hand machinery as well as woodworking classes and usually have a woodworking diary to keep you in touch with upcoming events.

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Customer Profile - Linda Fredheim, Fine Furniture Maker

Despite its remoteness or perhaps because of it, Hobart is alive with great art and design. There is an introspective beauty in the landscape that inspires an almost defiant originality in the artists and craftspeople who live and work there. The work of Linda Fredheim, a dedicated designer and furniture maker, features many of the key elements of her surroundings. She uses not only the local timbers, but also incorporates stories, maps and historical figures into her designs. Carol Russell had the opportunity to visit with Linda.

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Leigh R9 Plus

The team from Leigh have done it again. Their new R9 Plus has the best of both worlds, it can produce both accurate dovetails and box or finger joints. It’s a lot of Jig at a small price, and Leigh have held steadfast to their principles of producing high quality woodworking jigs.

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Kreg Deck Jig

Whether you are restoring an old deck or building a new one, the Kreg Deck Jig will make the job faster and easier and the finished product will be free of cracks, warped boards, splinters and nails that work their way to the surface to catch unsuspecting feet. This kit makes the job seem so straightforward that you think you must be missing something.

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Customer Profile - Peter Geddes

A woodworking student in later life, Peter Geddes is an old dog who has learnt as lot of new tricks. As he shows Carol Russell, with enough conviction and the right guidance, you can re-invent yourself. Peter is a semi-retired veterinary surgeon from Brisbane, having grown up in Sydney. His father was an accomplished woodworker and at a very early age Peter developed a love and appreciation of fine craftsmanship

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Veritas PM-V11-Chisels

The new Veritas® chisels are now available instore and online at Carbatec. They are among the first edge tools milled from PM-V11 steel (Rc61-63), an innovative proprietary alloy. This metal's micro-structure makes it extremely durable, so it can withstand the impact of heavy chopping cuts without chipping or deforming as readily as other tool steels, even at bevel angles as low as 20°. It is also highly wear-resistant, with an edge typically lasting at least twice as long in use as an A2 blade before it needs sharpening. Despite its toughness, it is as easy to sharpen as A2 steel using common abrasive media such as water stones.

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Customer Profile - Andrew Young

Master Cooper, Andrew Young has added a new lease of life to his business by combining the CNC Router Shark with his ancient tools of trade. He showed Carol Russell around the majestic Seppeltsfield Winery where he operates his cooperage business, YN OAK Pty Ltd.

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Customer Profile - Duncan Villet

When you’re being served at your local Carbatec store, chances are the person serving you is also a woodworker. Many of our staff have a trade background or are craftspeople working in a diverse range of woodwork-related areas such as; instrument or furniture making, boat building, carpentry, woodturning or woodcarving. We are very proud to have people who possess a high level of expertise on staff.

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CMT Reverse Glue Joint Bit

This router bit is designed for edge-jointing narrower boards to create wider panels for benches and table tops, door panels or shelving. It's a very serviceable item to have in the tool cupboard as it vastly increases the glue service area of the edges of your boards and gives the joint enormous strength.

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Customer Profile - Ric Fallu

Woodworking takes all different forms. For Ric Fallu, a Carbatec customer from Victoria, it is the ability to combine his love of the underwater world and fishing with a passion for woodworking that inspires him. In retirement, Ric has set himself a challenge to build in wood a series of classic speargun designs normally crafted in plastic and metal. This has proven to be a real test of ingenuity and skill. Along the way he has found companionship with fellow woodworkers and rediscovered a love of woodwork that has been with him for most of his life.

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Robert Sorby Turnmaster - Versatility and Value

Robert Sorby, from the English steel city of Sheffield, is a company with a long tradition of making quality cutting tools. It has demonstrated a commitment to producing fine tools for woodworking and woodturning in particular. The Robert Sorby TurnMaster is a great example of the innovative direction the Sorby product range is taking.

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Customer Profile: Roy Schack - Woodworker and Teacher

Roy Schack is a fine woodworker who lives and works in Samford Valley near Brisbane. He runs The Brisbane School of Fine Woodwork where he guides his students through all aspects of woodworking from the correct use of hand tools and machinery to understanding timber, construction and design.

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Triton TRI-RTA300 Router Table Review

To existing Triton users, this article will not be telling you anything you don't already know, but for those of us that have been a bit slower to pick up on it, take a closer look at this Australian tradition because it's well worth it.

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Just Scraping By... A Brief Introduction to Cabinet Scrapers

In spite of the massive array of tools available to the woodworker today, sometimes the most indispensable solution is one of the simplest. So it is with the tried and true cabinet scraper. It’s a relatively simple piece of flexible steel, however there is some degree of finesse to preparing it for use as well as using it most effectively.

Here’s a brief summary we’ve put together about preparation and use of your cabinet scrapers.

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