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Carbatec Room Air Filter - 1/3HP with 5 Micron Filter

Product Code: AF-2000C

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  • Bench mounted or hang from the ceiling, out of the way
  • Effectively filters 98% of 5 micron (and 85% of 1 micron) particles
  • 250W - 1/3hp, 230v motor
  • 3 speed motor – 800, 1200 and 1700 CFM
  • Pre-set run times - 2hr, 4hr and 8hr
  • Handy remote for On/Off and motor speed changes

New look, new code, same great machine! We have updated the look and product code of our CTF-2000 (now AF-2000C), however, be assured, all specifications of this machine are the same as our beloved CTF-2000. 

Once you've finished cutting and sanding operations and have turned off your dust extractor and protective mask, you might think you've been sufficiently safety conscious about protection from dust inhalation. However when you see a ray of sunlight come through window you can see that that a lot dust remains suspended in the air. 

This machine further enhances the safety of your workshop; by drawing air into the machine and filtering the dust then returning filtered air back into the room or shed. They can be left running quietly in the background, filtering out even the finest dust particles. To maximise your filtration capability, you can use an optional third stage charcoal odour filter that is sold separately. 

The standard AF-2000C filters >99% of particles 5 microns or larger and 85% of particles down to 1 micron and features pre-set run times of 2,4 or 8 hours.  This unit is also fitted with a diffuser on the exhaust side that provides a more even spread of clean air. 

Suitable for hanging from your ceiling, mounting on a wall, on a stand or bench. Our AF-2000C 1/3hp room air filter features remote control and variable extraction capacities of 800, 1200 and 1700cfm.  Adding more air filters increases your air filtration capacity.

Workshop tips:

If the unit is going to be mounted to a building structure, ensure the area will support a minimum of at least 55 kg. Never mount to surfaces such as plasterboard, suspended ceiling or timber wall cladding (unless you are attaching through this, to the studs)

A good rule of thumb for calculating what approximate CFM is required to effectively filter your workshop air:

METRIC: Your workshop Length X Width X Height (meters) X  6.000 = Minimum CFM required for 10X per hour exchange
IMPERIAL: Your workshop Length X Width X Height (feet) X  0.1666 = Minimum CFM required for 10X per hour exchange

Example: 10m X 10m X 3.6m Shed you would require 2160cfm to filter the air 10X per hour, so two AF-2000C running at half speed would be sufficient.

Brand Carbatec
Motor 250W (1/3 HP) Induction - Regular 10A Plug
Filtration Filters 2 x (Primary & Secondary)
Room Volume 3250 Cuft - up to 30 times per hour
Workshop Footprint (WxDxH) 1120mm x 620mm x 510mm
Speed Adjustment Remote Control or Push Button
Warranty Period 3 Years
Weight 50kg
Maximum Airflow 1700 CFM


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