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  • CMT Multi-Profile Router Bit

CMT Multi-Profile Router Bit

The CMT Multi-Purpose router bit enables you to cut dozens of different mouldings from the one router bit. It is useful when trying to match new profiles to existing ones or replicate traditional features in plinths and crown mouldings.

The two sizes that are available are:

55.6mm diameter x 47mm long (856-802-11)

38.1mm diameter x 28mm in length (856-802-11)

**Please note that the multi-Profile bit is designed to be used in a router table with adequate guards to protect yourself from exposed areas of the cutter.

The profile of your moulding can be varied by changing the height of your router bit to expose only a segment of the profile, or by adjusting the distance from the fence and varying the depth of cut in the face of your timber. These moulding can be stacked to create larger profiles or used on their own.

If you want to create narrow moulding, it’s safer to cut the profile into a wider piece and trim it down afterwards.