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  • Product Review: Book - Handmade Furniture Projects II

Product Review: Book - Handmade Furniture Projects II

Book Review: Handmade Furniture Projects II

Rafael Nathan’s second edition of furniture projects is full of great projects and techniques for woodworkers of all skill levels. As you progress through the book there are more complex projects to tackle.

This collection follows on from the first collection that Rafael published in 2004. It’s made up from the best projects that have previously featured in the Australian Wood Review.

This is a beautifully presented book that features clearly laid out cutting lists in metric and imperial and step by step photographs and text. The images of the finished pieces are warm and inviting and show off the beauty of the timber that Rafael has chosen to work with. His love of furniture making is evident and his pragmatic approach puts these projects in reach of most of us with a basic workshop and some skill and patience.

He uses a combination of hand joinery and machinery and explains several different methods you can use. In some projects he may use dowels whereas in others he will use mortise and tenon. This gives the reader a look at a wide range of methods that achieve the same end.

There is plenty of scope to personalise each item by changing specific features of the design or the timber species to give each project a different look. Rafael’s designs are elegant and simple and his techniques accessible.

The projects on offer include a wide variety of items such as trays and serving boards, tables, boxes from basic designs to a large blanket box and various cabinets. This book is a real asset to your own library, or a great present for someone just starting out on their woodworking journey.

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