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  • Kreg Deck Jig

Kreg Deck Jig

Whether you are restoring an old deck or building a new one, the Kreg Deck Jig will make the job faster and easier and the finished product will be free of cracks, warped boards, splinters and nails that work their way to the surface to catch unsuspecting feet. This kit makes the job seem so straightforward that you think you must be missing something.

The Deck jig is a concealed fastener system that utilises the tools you already own. The first step is to drill a pilot hole with a stepped drill bit into the edge of the board guided by the jigs hardened steel drill guides. Then, using a cordless drill with the KTX square drive bit, drive the screws into the joists through the same guides. The Easy-grip handle gives you a secure hold to enable correct alignment of the decking. There are a series of spacers supplied in the kit to ensure consistent spacing between boards. Because the screws are in the edge of the boards, the surface of the deck is completely free of holes or fasteners.

The Deck screws are available in two weather resistant finishes, Protec-Kote that features three anti-corrosive layers and stainless steel.

Kreg is an established name in Joinery and many of you will be familiar with the Kreg Pocket Hole Joinery System and their extensive range of precision tools and accessories, the deck Jig has been made in America with the same high standard of product development. This is not a gimmicky product, it has been designed for use by both the DIY enthusiast and the professional.