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  • Woodworking Magazines Overview

Woodworking Magazines Overview

Woodworking Magazines Overview

By Kerry Pierce
Review by Carol Russell

Australia has a fine collection of woodworking magazines. They can be one of the best sources of information and a great place to find new projects. The information is current and relevant to woodworkers in our region. These publications run some great competitions and support local woodworking clubs. The classified sections advertise everything from timber to second hand machinery as well as woodworking classes and usually have a woodworking diary to keep you in touch with upcoming events.

These are the three main publications that are available from Carbatec®. These magazines are also available in New Zealand.

The Australian Wood Review
AWR is a very high quality publication that features articles on woodworking techniques, tool reviews, projects and profiles on fine woodworkers from Australia and overseas. They also feature many articles on the timber industry and sustainability of this precious resource. The contributors are mostly well known craftspeople that are very generous with their knowledge and experience.
The tool reviews featured are considered and very helpful for people looking to purchase new equipment and are conducted by working woodworkers.

Australian Woodworker
The Woodworker is a magazine that is committed to helping woodworking enthusiasts. It is a great source of helpful tips and tricks as well as featuring lots of project to make. It caters for those people interested in a wide range of woodworking related crafts such as woodturning, carving, intarsia, scrolling and pyrography.
The Woodworker always includes tool reviews, recommendations and feedback from readers that can be very helpful, they also accept articles from readers giving it a community feel.

Australian Woodsmith
The Woodsmith is a bi-monthly publication that is very project-oriented. Each edition contains several well-drawn, detailed plans of furniture projects. It also feature great ideas to improve your workshop with jigs and shop made machinery accessories. There are great tool reviews and inexpensive tips to help woodworkers of all levels.
This magazine is a wonderful resource and something to keep for future reference. The projects cater for all levels of competence.