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  • Product Review: SawStop

Product Review: SawStop

Woodworking machinery is inherently dangerous. Reports suggest that someone loses a finger in the United States alone every nine minutes through operating woodworking machinery and the humble table saw is right there front and centre as one of the main perpertrators.

Why is it that people are so often injured when working with machinery? Dodgy equipment no doubt plays a role. Lack of guarding and improper use would also be contributing factors. However complacency is a major, yet greatly unappreciated factor in people seriously injuring themselves when working with machinery.

I still remember old Mr Smith working on our property some thirty years ago driving fence posts. Mr Smith would have driven hundreds of posts in his life, however on this day he took his mind off the job for a split second and lost all the fingers on his right hand. No one expects that an injury can happen to them, however the reality is that serious injuries occur randomly, unexpectedly, instantaneously and the consequences are usually permanent.

Saw Stop produce a range of high quality woodworking table saws that feature a complete safety system that virtually eliminates any chance of people injuring themselves when using the saw.

There are currently four versions of the Saw Stop table saw available in Australia.
  • Entry level is a 1.75 HP (horsepower) Contractor saw 
  • The 3.0 HP Professional saw that is perfect for enthusiasts.
  • The 3.0 HP and 5.0 HP Industrial model. 

The Saw Stop saws have an array of interchangeable accessories including a cross cut sliding table, overhead blade guard with dust port, mobility kits and throat plate inserts. At the heart of all Saw Stop saws is the emergency brake. This emergency brake is a sophisticated safety system that in the event if any part of your body comes in in contact with the blade, the brake is automatically activated, the saw blade stopped and your finger saved. 

Saw Stop table saws have been available in Australia with Carbatec commencing supply of SawStop through our 6 stores and online since May 2015. 

Click here to see the full range of SawStop Product.