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  • Rendel's Top Product Picks

Rendel's Top Product Picks

Rendel makes up part of our Marketing team here at Carbatec and has been here for 5 years. Rendel is a qualified cabinet maker and loves his DIY woodworking. He is currently working on designer bespoke bedside tables for his home.


We asked Rendel what his favourite tools in his workshop are and these were his top picks:


Kreg Jig Jr

This product is a great place to start with Kreg. If you are interested in DIY home improvement, this pocket hole jig makes joinery quick and simple yet gives you a professional finish. In particular, the Kreg Jig Jnr is adjustable to suit different thickness timbers and comes in a small carry case for storage.


Kreg Multi-Mark 

This is a 10 in 1 tool, whatever marking and measuring you are doing, this will do it for you. I have one in my workshop, and it gets used on a regular basis. 


Carbatec 12 Piece Router Bit Set

This 12-piece router bit set is one of the best bit sets I have seen. It has a lot of bits in it that are more commonly used than a lot of other sets out there and I would highly recommend it.


Triton SuperJaws Portable Clamping System

Whether you're a tradie, handyman or novice, this "extra pair of hands" is so useful and easy to use – the perfect workstation. It has great clamping strength and can hold force of up to 1000kg. It is also easy to pack up and move around. This is one of my essential products.


Carbatec Quick Gear Clamps

I have ten of these are in my workshop. They are so easy and quick to use, and provide a great deal of clamping strength.


Incra Professional T-Rule – 150mm

I use this when I am wanting to mark timber at a specific point. It is perfect to use with Leigh's FMT Jig. Every woodworker can benefit from using this rule.