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  • Spotlight on Microplanes

Spotlight on Microplanes

Written by Lindsay, our Brisbane Showroom Assistant.

This past weekend, I had a good look at the range of microplanes we have on offer here at Carbatec and I have to say - they are a really special tool to have in the kit bag.

The planes come in either fixed blades or changeable blades. It really doesn’t matter if you are using coarse or fine – they both do a great job. Now using them either forward stroke or pull stroke the result is as good as you can get. When working on wood the 8” blade does a good job of removing timber quickly. The small 3” blade is great for the fine work.

With 3 profiles, Flat, Round and 90 degrees you are able to get into the majority of areas. The design of the blade – with many small blades – means that you can achieve the result you want without using a lot of pressure. The handles are quite strong plastic and comfortable in your hand. 

Overall when using in a woodworking situation, say making a rocking horse, I am of the impression that the microplane out performs the older style rasps and files. The sizes and profiles makes this a very versatile tool.

See the full range here.


An added BONUS is you can have an 8” coarse in your kitchen, it’s great for grating parmesan cheese over your spag bol. I’m sure that with the addition of this tool your arsenal you won’t be disappointed.