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Tools We Can't Live Without

Here at Carbatec, many employees both in retail and customer care are very knowledgeable in all different types of woodworking, with years of experience under their belt. So we asked around to find out what products our expert woodworkers cannot live without!

Rendel, Cabinet Maker
Without a dust extractor you’ve got… dust. There’d be airbourne dust everywhere and you’ll end with waste that you’d have to pick up after. Therefore, I buy it for convenience and health reasons and simply sits in the corner of my workshop for whenever I need it.
Product Name: Economy Dust Extractor – 2HP
Product code: DC-1200P
RRP: $389.00

Tony, Hobbyist 
So far, the best investment is my workbench with of course the main feature being the heavy laminated wooden top. In the past I’ve put up with a homemade light version but I now know for sure that the heavy duty version becomes a true extension to all my other work surfaces.
Product name: Carbatec Height Adjustable Workbench
Product code: WB-6030
RRP: $949.00


John, Furniture Maker
I’ve been using Japanese saws for 20 years simply because of its ease of use. This saw in particular is a personal favourite because of its fine tooth and sturdy spine for stability.
Product name: Japanese Fine Tooth Joinery Saw – 240mm
Product Code: Z-7029
RRP: $69.00

Andrew, Woodworker
The Carbatec Tablesaw is a brilliant purchase because you can make a number of jigs for a number of purposes. It’s also ideal for cross cutting, rip cutting and box joints. It’s well worth the money.
Product name: Carbatec 10” Carbatec Saw
Product Code: TS-C250H
RRP: $1499.00

Candy, Mechanic
I think Pica Pens are my favourite because it’s essential for marking. They never fail to work on any kind of surface and are even water soluble.
Product name: PICA Dry Marker
Product Code: PICA-3030
RRP: $20.00

Dave, Restorer
The multi-tool is a great tool to have in my car for when I go camping and use it for things such as fishing, and if I’m on my motor cycle it goes underneath the tool kit.
Product name: Multi-tool with Leather Pouch
Product Code: LMT-1
RRP: $37.00

Jeremy, Luthier
I find the Jet 18" Bandsaw indispensable. They are such a great multi-purpose tool. From breaking down bulk raw stock, to curve cutting an electric body, there are jobs which are simply impractical to tackle in any other fashion - especially if you are not purchasing guitar making 'kits'.
Product name: Jet 18" Bandsaw
Product code: JET-JWBS18Q
RRP: $2659.00