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  • Lindsay's Top Product Picks

Lindsay's Top Product Picks

When not working as a retail specialist in Carbatec’s Wakerley store, Lindsay devotes his time to woodturning. After having had this passion for 12 years, he has cultivated years of knowledge and expertise, especially in Carbatec products.

Below is a refined list of his favourite products particularly recommended for any woodturner:

Robert Sorby Bowl Gouge HSS 3/8” Extra Long Handled

As a woodturner, I’ve used my fair share of woodturning gouges for various types of projects but I always go back to the Robert Sorby Bowl Gouge 3/8”. For me, it’s been the most used of all my woodturning tools because it is usable for most sized bowls and perfect for when profiling or finishing delicate cuts. It is a high-quality tool with consistent results and a long useful life.

Tormek T8 Water Cooler Grinder

When it comes to sharpening tools, repeatability is the key and that is certainly the case for the Tormek T8 Water Cooled Grinder which guarantees the same grind every time. Anyone who is familiar with the Tormek sharpening range will also notice a few difference between this model and it’s predeceasing model, the Tormek T7. The most notable are the lower dB rating, its improved water trough and removable magnet scraper for efficient cleansing. Despite these changes, the Tormek still boasts its gentleness on tools, easy positioning of the universal bar and simple removal of the wheel.

Jet Midi Lathe – Electronic Variable Speed

The Jet Midi Lathe is perfect for anything from pens to a full table leg due to its sturdiness. Because of that, this piece of machinery won’t fail to keep a consistent speed even working with longer pieces of wood. Everything else this machinery has to offer is at your fingertips including variable speed dial, forward and reverse switches and even a tool holder on the side.

U-Beaut EEE Ultra Shine

This U-Beaut finish has been my choice of finishing for years simply because it does the job well. It is of high quality, consistent and very user-friendly. It should be any woodworker’s choice for these reasons and it is a great opportunity to support an Australian brand.

Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System

With the Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System I can easily clamp it on the bench and go about with my own business. It features a removable drill guide offering ultimate portability. Additionally, the wood-chip relief holes keep the drill bit clear of excess wood chips. In simpler words, It’s a quicker and a more efficient way of joinery.