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  • Power Carved Wooden Twist Table

Power Carved Wooden Twist Table

Power carved wooden twist table

Project Description

Created by one of Arbortech's youngest female woodworkers, Jana. This power carved wooden twist table is a medium wood shaping project that results in a functional piece of art you can be proud of. Combine the TURBO Planes ability for rapid plaining, sculpting and trimming with the freehand power carving of the Mini Grinder and the exclusive molding ability of the Contour Sander to achieve the unique shape of this table.

Wood Used:

  • Leftover Laminated Jarrah from the construction site

Tools Used:

Difficulty Level:

  • Medium

Duration (excluding drying period)

  • 10-15 hours

Follow these 9 Steps to create your very own twist table:


Collect some timber of your choice while ensuring the timber is straight,square and suitable for blocking together, furthermore you will need:

  • 2 x square pieces (to form the base and the top) approx 400mm by 400mm
  • 10 x rectangle pieces (to form the twist sides) approx 400mm by 50mm
Power carved wooden twist table - Step 1


Measure and mark the position (and angle) of the pieces of wood that will form the sides of the table. As a result this will help you achieve a more balanced look.

Power carved wooden twist table - Step 2

Start stacking up the table to form the base shape, once you are happy with how it stacks, starts gluing the lengths together. Adjust while the glue is still wet but make sure to use clamps to hold the pieces securely in place while the glue dries.

Power carved wooden twist table - Step 3


Once the glue is completely dry you are ready to start the fun part… Power carving! Get your Arbortech TURBO Plane out to start the rough shaping and sculpting of the twist in the table’s design. TIP: For better accuracy, roughly sketch pencil lines of the shape and angles you want to follow to avoid removing too much stock.

Power carved wooden twist table - Step 4


Move the TURBO Plane in a sweeping downward motion to begin with while adjusting the angles slightly to achieve the desired twist table shape.

Power carved wooden twist table - Step 5


Once you are happy with the rough shaping and sculpting of the outer part of the twist table, it’s time to start working on the table’s internal shape with the Arbortech Mini Grinder.  The Mini Grinder will allow you to reach inside and power carve tight internal curves.

Power carved wooden twist table - Step 6


Switch back to the TURBO Plane once you feel that square edges and sharpness has been smoothed out by the Mini Grinder. Finish shaping and rounding out the outer and base of the table, TIP: remember to stand back and check for alignment regularly.

Power carved wooden twist table - Step 7


If you have reached the stage where you are happy with the shape, you can start sanding. Use the Mini Grinder with the Heavy Duty Mini Sanders because this combination will be of most help in sanding the hard to reach, internal section of this woodworking project. The Contour Sander is ideal for sanding the external curves while any normal orbital sander can be used to sand the top and bottom surfaces.


Finally, finish with an oil of your choice and your hand made, wooden twist table is ready for use!