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  • Clever space-saving tips for small workshops

Clever space-saving tips for small workshops

Clever space-saving tips for small workshops

Very few of us have unlimited space for our workshops, but small or shared spaces can be more challenging to set up to make the best use of available space.

When we built our shed, everyone we spoke to recommended that we build a size bigger than what we thought we’d need. We ended up fitting the largest shed we possibly could in the available space, and within a couple of years, we were left wondering what happened to all our space! Before we knew it, camping gear, camper trailer, lawn mower and gardening tools all claimed their piece of the shed, leaving only a quarter of the shed for the workshop! We’ve so far managed to keep the Christmas decorations from also laying claim to a piece of the shed – but I’m not sure how much longer I can win this fight!

I’m sure we’re not alone with creative storage solutions needed to keep our workshop space workable!


The right machine for the job and space

Whilst workshop footprint is an important consideration for any workshop, sacrificing the right machine purely based on space is generally not recommended.

For example; If a table saw is what you really need because you work with a lot of sheet goods, then a Bandsaw isn’t going to work for you simply because it has a smaller workshop footprint. Select the best table saw considerate of its footprint, for your needs and plan the rest of your space around it. (As much as I’d love a Cabinet Saw with 52” T-Glide Rail, a smaller table saw still works and allows me the space around it to work with other machines and tools.)

Mobile Bases designed to “make movable” your heavy machines are readily available to move machines out of the way when you aren’t using them.

Benchtop Machines

Benchtop machines are great for smaller workshops where space is limited but you still require their functionality for your projects. 

Lighter weight and more compact than their free-standing cast-iron counterparts, benchtop machines are more budget-friendly, portable solutions which are easier to store when not in use.  Their smaller footprint makes them perfect for smaller workshops with notable performance.



Fold-Down Workbench, Mobile Workbench or Mobile Project Centre

A workbench can often be one of the largest space-eaters in any workshop, so being able to move your work bench out of the way when not in use to utilise the space for something else (such as to park your car in the garage) is a great space saving tip!

So what options are available? Setting up a fold-down work bench against a wall is one solution and making your existing workbench mobile is another. Depending on what projects you generally work on, you may not require a traditional workbench at all and a more portable solution may be sufficient.

Bora’s Workbench Caster Kit (BORA-PM-900) makes it simple and easy to move your workbench out of the way when you don’t need to use it. Workshop mobility is easy with hard rubber wheels with 360-degree swivel and heavy-duty foot levers.

Kreg’s Mobile Project Centre (KR-KWS1000) is an all-in-one workbench, sawhorse, assembly table and clamping station that comes in one small sized unit. Small enough to not take up your entire workshop floor, small enough to work around from any angle, and small enough to move easily outside the workshop to get more space, or load into the back of the car! You can even join two or more together to create a larger work surface.

The BORA® Centipede® Support System is the ultimate portable workbench or table base. A heavy-duty steel stand that sets up in seconds to support up to 1125kg and folds down into a compact, lightweight unit for convenient storage. Its matching Centipede® Workbench Tabletop (BORA-CK22TM) is perfectly designed to turn your Centipede® into the ultimate workstation. With plenty of dog holes and a high weight capacity, you can build just about anything on your Centipede® Tabletop. Clamp, cut, assemble and fold away when you’re done!


Mobile bases

Bora’s range of Mobile Bases are designed to “make movable” your heavy machines, bandsaws, table saws, drill presses, safes, cabinets, or anything else, making the layout of your workshop more flexible.  You can now mount wheels on these items, move them to where you need them, and with a quick press of the lever with your foot, make it fully stable, ready to work. 

Installed directly on your machines, Bora’s Portamate (BORA-PM-1100) Universal Mobile Base lets you keep stationary equipment out of the way until needed, freeing space for large projects and cleaning. Move jointers, band saws, lathes, table saws, sanders, drill presses, planers, workbenches and much more. You’ll be able to open up space for more effective productivity, better organization, and safety.


If you’re always rolling your machines across the workshop to use them or store them away, you know how frustrating it can be when a cord gets in the way or you have to lift the machine over a crack. The BORA-PM-3800 High-Clearance Mobile Base features larger wheels and a higher base to make sure uneven terrain and small obstacles don’t slow you down. 


The BORA-PM-1000 universal mobile base is ideal for just about anything in your shop or garage. This is a very low-profile mobile solution, raising your machine height less than an inch, so you can make all of your woodworking machines and tools mobile, and still work efficiently.


The Carbatec CWB-2 Heavy duty castor with parking brake and locking swivel top is great for use around the workshop. Perfect for heavy machines with a load capacity of 60kg per caster. Mount to just about any solid base or repurpose those old drawers for additional mobile storage.



Cluttered spaces look cramped and aren’t conducive to working effectively. Luckily there are some great storage solutions available that are bound to help make your workshop feel more spacious!


Dedicated storage

How many clamps do you need? We all know the answer is always one more than what you have! So, with a seemingly ever- growing collection of clamps, it’s worth dedicating a storage area to them! Wood shares “5 Great Clamp organizers” to help keep all your clamps at arm’s reach whilst looking great! offers a free downloadable template for the below Customisable Clamp Rack also.

Click here to browse our range of available clamp racks

Sandpaper is another staple in woodworking workshops, often thrown in piles which more often than not would slide onto the floor, only to be picked up again and thrown in a pile again with no real rhyme or reason behind any grit organisation. Some great sandpaper storage rack/box/cabinet plans are readily available online through a quick google search. Another alternative which is great for small workshops and portability is the use of an accordion file to organise and store all your sandpaper! Simply label each tab with the relevant grit size and your days of wasting time searching for that piece of sandpaper that you know you have somewhere, are over! It conveniently prevents the sheets from curling and makes it easier to see when its time to restock!

Sort out that collection of nuts, bolts and screws in dedicated plastic organisers or storage boxes! There is nothing more satisfying than knowing what screws you have, what you’ll need and being able to lay your hands on them when you need them!


Wall or Ceiling mounted storage

Timber & sheet goods storage holders can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or used as a mobile solution.

Bora’s Portamate 6-Shelf Wood Storage Rack (BORA-PBR001) is a multipurpose racking system, providing generous storage capacity for wood, pipes, gutters, sports equipment and other long items neatly. Its suitable for outdoor use and can be mounted to almost anything (even a fence) to bring six levels of storage anywhere you need it. Stagger how they are mounted to the wall to enable you to store short and long items.

Wall mounted Pegboards or cabinets will help keep your tools organised and off your workbench, further helping to de-clutter your workshop. offers a free downloadable plan for the below tool storage centre.

If you have ceiling space, it could be an opportunity to build overhead hanging storage for wide panels, timber, pipes and other awkward-sized items that you rarely use. (It goes without saying that the load rating of your solution is critical to adhere to)


Tubular Storage

PVC pipes of varying sizes make great low-cost tubular storage for wood trim and other thin off-cuts, keeping them within range, yet out of the way when you don’t need them. The tubes can be stored vertically or horizontally depending on what suits your available space the best.


Pull-Out storage

Pull-out under bench or Pull-out pantry storage units help to maximise workshop space utilisation by providing easy access to your tools and supplies whilst reducing bending and reaching injuries. Access the entire contents of your cupboard quickly!

Add some castors to low cabinets to make them mobile also.


Charge stations

Keep your power tools organised with a custom storage and charging station! Some great free plans are readily available online through a quick google search. also offers a free downloadable cordless tool charging station plan.

Over Door Storage

There are storage solutions for everything nowadays, including over the door organisers. No drilling of holes in your door are needed as most of these multi-purpose organisers simply hang off your door. Easy to assemble, these organisers help take advantage of every possible bit of available space to keep your workshop clutter free!


Putting your tools back in their place will also go a long way towards a more efficient and effective workshop!