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  • Triton TRI-RTA300 Router Table Review

Triton TRI-RTA300 Router Table Review

The RTA 300 Router Table can be mounted onto the Triton Work Cente (either the current model series 2000 or the older MK3) or fitted with the Triton Router Table Stand. It comes in flat pack form for self-assembly. It really is a good idea to use the manual and read it carefully. Give yourself a couple of hours to do it properly, any shortcuts you take will come back to haunt you. I would suggest using a straight edge to align the top plates and allow for the fact that you may need to do a bit of packing to achieve a flat surface. The Triton router is easily fitted using the same spring-loaded pins that hold the fence in place. There is also provision to fit other brands of router using the clamps supplied.

There are several add-on accessories that can be purchased to fit onto the Triton Router Table. They include Triton's Biscuit Jointer System, as well as a Finger Joint Kit and a Jigsaw Kit. These are all designed to fit onto the router table and can be purchased separately at any time. Standard equipment supplied with the router table includes; side and downward pressure fingers and a two-piece split fence with a height adjustable guarding with a dust port. For planing cuts there are 1/2mm and 1mm shims that slide behind the outfeed fence.
I really like the way that every accessory has a home on the router table so there is little chance of losing them so long as they are put back. The planing shims slide neatly onto their storage pegs behind the fence. There are also removable micro-adjust fittings that lock into slots behind each side of the fence.

The MDF lockable sled houses an adjustable fence and mitre gauge. The sled can be used in a fixed position or as a small sliding table. A sacrificial fence added to the mitre gauge is great for tricky end-grain work.

For freehanding shaped material, the fence can be removed and stored on hooks at the side. The clear cutter guard comes off the fence and fits directly onto the table. The edge of this guard acts as an infeed pin for leading into cuts to prevent the bit from grabbing.

The RTA 300 Router Table combined with the Triton Router gives you a very effective workstation capable of performing just about all routing operations with ease and safety. There is enormous scope to add other accessories and increase the range of what you can do.
As long as you take care with assembly and ensure all the plates line up you will achieve many years of happy woodworking.

To existing Triton users I am not telling you anything you don't already know, but for those of us that have been a bit slower to pick up on it, take a closer look at this Australian tradition because it's well worth it.

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