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  • Robert Sorby Turnmaster - Versatility and Value

Robert Sorby Turnmaster - Versatility and Value

Robert Sorby, from the English steel city of Sheffield, is a company with a long tradition of making quality cutting tools. It has demonstrated a commitment to producing fine tools for woodworking and woodturning in particular. The Robert Sorby TurnMaster is a great example of the innovative direction the Sorby product range is taking.

The development of the Turnmaster system involved consulting woodturners and finding out what worked and didn’t work for them within the range of existing turning tools on the market today. The result of this research led the Robert Sorby company to develop the first tool in the world to combine three cutting edge metal technologies in one flexible design to suit everyone from the beginner who is just finding their feet, to the experienced turner.

First impressions are that the TurnMaster is a well-finished tool of excellent quality. The underside of the bar is flat to allow extra stability on the tool rest. The tips are easily changed using a high tensile torx screw system.

TurnMaster incorporates a patented three position, indexable head system that can be quickly and easily changed by loosening the locking collar. This allows the user to vary the tool angle for both simple and shear scraping options.

The standard kit comes with a handled tool and three tungsten carbide cutters; round, square and a detail point. These profiles are also available as optional accessories in high speed steel (HSS) and titanium nitride (TiN). The tungsten cutters are designed as disposable cutters, although they are enormously durable and will remain sharp for many hours of use. These are particularly good for woodturners who are not confident with sharpening their chisel profiles. Both the HSS and TiN cutters are able to be sharpened and also come in a wide range of other optional profiles, such as French curve, mushroom, teardrop and dovetail. A tip holder has also been included to ensure safe and easy sharpening.

The idea behind the TurnMaster system is to educate new woodturners and allow them to adapt their tools accordingly as they become more confident. Once they have mastered the basic profiles, they can move onto using different cutters and develop more complex turning techniques and sharpening skills. It’s a great way to encourage self-paced learning.

The wide range of cutter profiles also makes the system perfect for the expert turner who will become addicted to the precision and flexibility of the TurnMaster. This tool truly offers something for everyone.

The Robert Sorby Tool Company demonstrates a strong commitment to the future of woodworking and offers tangible support to enthusiasts at all levels. Carba-Tec® is committed to promoting these principles and is excited to have several more of their innovative products on the horizon.

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