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Carbatec Bandsaw Blade (L = 3380mm - W = 16mm - TPI = 4)

Product Code: BBL-3380-16-4

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The 16mm x 4TPI blade is getting into the area of becoming a blade designed solely for ripping, as it will more cut large arcs rather than curves and circles. It will cut straight cuts far better, and with the 4TPI it will easily cut 25mm material and thicker. This type of cutting generally is designed for breaking timber down into smaller more manageable pieces. 

Blade selection:

The amount of Teeth Per Inch relates directly with the thickness of timber it is capable of cutting. The fewer the amount of teeth, the more sanding will be needed to clean up the surface yet will cut quite quickly, and the more the teeth the cleaner the cut will be, yet will cut a lot slower. Thicker timber is going to require a blade with less teeth to cope with such a cut. 

The width of the blade, which is measured from the back of the blade to the tip of the teeth, will determine the radius the blade is capable of cutting, the smaller the blade means the tighter the radius possible. Likewise, the larger the size, the more it is designed for ripping in straight lines and less capable of cutting arcs and curves, to the point where only straight cutting will be done.

Some of the machines 3380mm long blades will fit, though are not limited to:

Brand Carbatec
Blade Length 3380mm
Blade Width 16mm
Teeth Per Inch (Tpi) 4