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PSI Perfume Applicator Kit Bushing Set

Product Code: PKPERF-BU

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3 PCE bushing set for perfume project kit, PA-1, PA-1-1.

• Compatible tube size 5/16”
• 3 pieces in a set

What is a Bushing? 
A bushing is used to support the turning projects while mounted on the mandrel. When mounted, these bushings act as a size guide to help make sure that when the turned piece is combined with the kit hardware, the places where they meet will match.  

What is a Barrel and what is an Extension? 
A Barrel means that that section is intended to mark the outside diameter that the turned piece must be cut to. This is the part that the kit hardware will be next to and this is the size intended to make sure the turned piece matches that hardware. The Extension is intended to fit inside the tube that is glued into the turning material. The Penn State mandrel systems (including our MAND-91 & MAND-92) all have a single mandrel rod size.  

Why are some pieces are marked “upper” or “lower”? 
This is mostly on bushings that are intended to fit in between two turned portions of a single kit. This helps point out which section of the assembled kit these parts should be oriented towards. The upper side will generally be the one that points towards the top of the pen, and the bottom will generally refer to the side that the tip is on  
Perfume Pen Kit Bushing Set3 pc Bushing set for Perfume Pen Kits
Brand Penn State Industries


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