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Carbatec Deluxe Compact Router Table Kit with Phenolic Top

Product Code: RT-XP685

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This Compact Phenolic Resin Router table features a SOLID Phenolic core, and a hard wearing and low friction surface laminate.   This is not to be confused with MDF/Phenolic Table, that have a basic MDF substrate and thin Phenolic coating.  Machined and exposed MDF, regradless of chemical treatment, can be affected by moisture, humidity, dry, heat and other such damage. Phenolic resin is heavier, harder and, simply better (only to be out-classed by our own Cast Iron offering)

Pre milled, drilled and tapped to fit the Compact Router Stand, this kit includes the Carbatec "Lift N Lock" Universal Router Lift. The Compact Router Table Fence is manufactured from a single piece of aluminium extrusion and includes a 63mm dust port for efficient extraction from above the table, Micro adjusters and a flipstop.  Also includes a remote mount NVR (No Volt Release), ON/OFF switch for your router.

The top and front feature T slots which allow the fitting of other jigs and accessories including the included transparent guard. The fence assembly also includes adjustable side scales for setting fence alignment and handy planing spacer bars for accurate edge trimming. The Carbatec Compact Stand features splayed legs and with its solid bolted construction, it is very stable and offers great portability.

A five piece set of router table inserts are available, with the standard insert having a 38mm inside diameter.
Brand Carbatec
Workshop Footprint (WxDxH) 810 x 450 x 530mm
This item contains the following component products
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Carbatec Compact Precision Router Table Fence
Carbatec Router Fence Micro Adjusters for Compact & Pro Fences
Carbatec Flip Stop for Compact & Pro Table Fences
Carbatec Lift N Lock Router Lift
Carbatec Compact Router Table Stand 600 X 480mm
Carbatec Remote NVR Power Switch for Router Tables
Carbatec Compact Solid Phenolic Router Table Top Only