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Carbatec Cryogenic M2 HSS French Curve Negative Cut Scraper

Product Code: CT-WTC-AS-2040

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Introducing Carbatec's Next Level Woodturning Series!

Building on the success and extremely positive feedback for our Carbatec Cryogenic Woodturning Sets, we are pleased to offer you an expanded capacity lineup of individual chisels! Featuring the same high quality Cryogenic M2 HSS, with 63-65 Rockwell lasting 2-3x longer than regular M2 HSS, these chisels offer a way to expand your turning capacity.

We listened to turners needs and requests to develop and release these new individual tools. This new range feature a number of larger tools for heavier or bigger projects, along with a few more specialised tools not found in our sets.* This tool offers a graduated French Curve Scraping Edge, that is also Negative Cut (Rake) - that is, bevelled from both edges. The negative rake allows for very fine scraping of even the most difficult to work timbers, with reduced risk of chips or catches.

Cryogenic treatment of M2 HSS means this steel has been subjected to a complex immersion procedure at temperatures as low as minus 195C. Sounds fancy (and cold!) but what does this mean? This treatment actually changes the structure of the steel, producing an ultra-fine and hard martensitic structure, supported by fine carbides.

Erm, yes... And in plain terms? Additional wear resistance and edge holding capability of approximately 2 to 3 times that of regular M2 HSS !! Now that's an impressive edge!

As per our sets, these tools feature Stainless Steel Ferrules, along with solid and smooth European Hardwood handles.

* With the exception of the ever-popular 12mm sized Bowl Gouge found in CT-WTC-6CT-CRYO due to popular demand!
Brand Carbatec
Handle Length 390mm Hardwood
Overall Length 560mm
Blade 26mm Wide x 9mm Thick x 170mm Long