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Carbatec In-Line Cyclone Separator with Mobile Stand

Product Code: CDC-INLINE-02

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  • Unpowered unit connects to your existing dust collector or dust system
  • Sits between your powered collector and your machines
  • Separates the dust and shavings BEFORE they get to your powered collector
  • Fully frame supported cyclone cone, with mobile base and drum
  • 100L capacity in the 118L supplied drum.
  • Twin lever lift lid on drum
  • The 5” single inlet port with 2x4” Y fitting allow you to connect multiple machines.
  • 5" or 4" connection to your dust collector
  • Sight window indicates when the drum is full
  • Compatible with dust collectors up to 3HP
  • Mobile stand included for ease of movement around your workshop

The Carbatec In-Line Cyclone Separator instantly transforms your standard dust collector into a Cyclone!

It allows for a 99% dust and chip separation prior to the shavings entering your existing extractor.  The precision-engineered cyclone uses the vacuum power created by any standard dust collector to create a powerful vortex to separate dust from air.  

This unpowered separator cannot increase the suction power of your existing system, but instead does an amazing job of keeping the dust and shavings out of your dust collector. This allows the collector to do the job of creating the vacuum with minimal effort while retaining maximum efficiency.  

The in-line separator has a large capacity collection drum and holds the majority of your shavings and dust. The included mobile support frame is compact and stable, with no awkward lifting to empty the drum. This machine will reduce the likelihood of your filter or filter bag clogging, resulting in all-round better performance.

Breathe life into your tired dust collection system with this instant performance upgrade!

Note:  Powered dust collector or extractor not included.  May require extra fittings to connect to your collector or collection system.  Discuss you need with our sales team, or check the website for our massive range of dust collection fittings and accessories.

  • Cyclone separator
  • 118L Collection drum (100L max capacity)
  • 5" to 4" top adaptor
  • 5" to 2x 4" Y Adaptor
  • Negative pressure hose
  • Support frame
Brand Carbatec
Dust Port/s 5" (with 2x 4" Y adapter included)
Workshop Footprint (WxDxH) 640mm x 760mm x 1480mm
Hose Inlet Diameter 5" (with 4" adapter included)
Shipping Weight 42.5kg
Drum Capacity 118L (100L Max)
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