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CMT Precision Dado Set - 150mm (6") - 5/8" bore

Product Code: 230-520-06

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Dados or rebates offer a great deal of strength to any joint in woodworking. Once setup, this is possibly the fastest way of cutting dados.

CMT thoroughly researched the shortcomings of standard dado sets and learned what cabinet makers required most from an ideal dado. The result was the superior CMT precision dado, designed with the following features: anti-kickback design to reduce the possibility of overfeeding that can occur when cutting mass material, splinter resistant cuts in veneer plywood, melamine and hard and soft woods.

Shim sets included for cuts between 6.35mm and 23mm.

CMT’s Precision Dado set offers a splinter free way of creating dados at the right width using a combination of included shims to match the width to the job at hand. Capable of more than just dados to house a shelf, these blades can assist with joints such as half lap joints, box joints(over-sized finger or knuckle joints), tongue and groove joinery, tenons for mortice and tenon joinery as well as so much more. All this makes this an ideal accessory for any dado friendly tablesaw.

Traditionally, dado blades rarely are raised through the table top more than 20mm to 30mm, depending on the job, the thickness of the timber being cut, and the joint being cut.

Safety tip: These blades do not cut through timber, rather only part way through, so push blocks should be used to keep hands and fingers away.

*NB: Unlike a single circular saw blade, dado sets can not be used with reducing bushes. It is therefore imperative that you purchase the set with a bore diamter that matches your machine arbor.
Brand CMT
Blade Diameter 150mm
Blade Teeth Count 20
Blade Use / Type Dado Set
Blade Kerf 6.35mm to 22.23mm
Grind FTG + ATB
Hook Angle -5°
Blade Bore 5/8"
Bit Cut Diameter 152mm


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