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CMT Crosscut Saw Blade - 216mm

Product Code: 291-216-48M

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Excellent crosscut on plywood.

Excellent rip cut on plywood.

Excellent crosscut on wood.

Excellent rip cut on wood.

291.216.48M - A blade with a narrow kerf, designed for use with hand held saws for ripping and crosscutting timber and ply, and features negative teeth.

Photo shows a blade from the same category, indicating teeth type and overall look.
Brand CMT
Blade Diameter 216mm
Blade Teeth Count 48
Blade Use / Type Crosscut Blade
Blade Kerf 2.8mm
Grind 15° ATB
Grind 15° ATB
Hook Angle -5°
Hook Angle -5°
Plate Thickness 1.8mm
Blade Bore 30mm
Bit Cut Diameter 216mm