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CMT ITK Plus Crosscut Blade - 250mm - 60 Tooth

Product Code: 272-250-60M

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  • Excellent cut on plywood.
  • Excellent crosscut on wood.

Ultra ITK fine compound mitre blades are the ideal choice for extra clean cuts and all-around performance on tablesaw and compound / or slide compound mitre saws.

These blades feature a thin kerf design, anti-kickback and Micrograin carbide teeth which provides excellent crosscuts in wood, plywood and can be used even for the occasional rip in hard or soft wood.

Please note: Thin kerf blades will require modified riving knives on most table saws to suitably match the thinner kerf of the blade, a thin saw blade bush is also recommended.
Brand CMT
Blade Diameter 250mm
Blade Teeth Count 60
Blade Use / Type Crosscut Blade
Blade Kerf 2.4mm
Grind 10° ATB
Grind 10° ATB
Hook Angle 15°
Hook Angle 15°
Plate Thickness 1.6mm
Blade Bore 30 mm
Bit Cut Diameter 250mm


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