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Carbatec Deluxe Cast Iron Woodworker's Drill Press Table

Product Code: DPT-DLX

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  • Features
  • Details
  • Specifications
  • Woodworkers Drill Press Table Upgrade
  • Solid cast iron, fine surface grind
  • Generous 500x330x20mm overall size
  • Flat underneath for ease of clamping!
  • T-tracks accept 1/4" and 5/16" T-Track hardware - even Bow and Kreg Clamps!
  • Mitre Tracks for more work-holding or guide solutions
  • Removable and replaceable nylon drilling blank insert
  • Four levelling grub screws for nylon insert
  • "X" slots to suit mounting of many drill press vices
  • Designed in Australia! Expertly cast in China
  • Suits many drill press models with minimum 6.5" (165mm) swing
  • Suits 46mm or 52mm column mount
  • Some images include accessories not included. Sold separately.
  • See "Details" Tab for more info...
At last - a Drill Press Table made for Woodworkers!

Designed in Australia and exclusive to Carbatec, this table brings modern features and function to nearly any drill press*, with woodworking needs as our core focus.

Most drill press tables are small and round or square, with oil/lubricant channels and ribbed underside structures. This is because they are a legacy of the metalworking industry and suit those needs adequately. We, woodworkers, have "made do" with these tables for decades out of necessity. However, many have quickly found their limitations and frustrations, leading to an array of individual adaptations to suit our needs better. More recently, optional accessories such as extension supports were made available, along with MDF "false" work tables and more - each trying to adapt and cater to our needs, with varying success.

We went to the core and redesigned a better base solution!

This table is made from solid, finely ground cast iron. It is generously oversized for woodworking projects at 500mm wide x 330mm deep, providing an extremely stable primary support for larger timber stock. We specifically did not make it larger than this as that would limit it to only the largest drill press machines and we wanted to offer this upgrade to more woodworkers. The table is a substantial 20mm thick at the deepest points, and to reduce some weight, a solid 10mm thick at the minimum, but critically - the underside of the table has been designed to be flat over as much of the surface as possible. Why? Any woodworker who has tried to clamp their project with common woodworking clamps on other tables will know! That is now a problem of the past with plenty of flat areas to find the best position for your favourite clamp and stock, anywhere on the table! No slipping off a ridge or extremely limited clamp access. You're welcome!

We coupled this with an array of machined channels to accommodate the vast range of modern work-holding jigs and fixtures. Our table has T-slot mitre tracks (3/8" x 3/4" + the "T") running the length of the table in both directions, as many jigs and clamps have been made to suit this size. If desired, these can also be converted to standard T-Track size with an alloy track insert that fits in our slot perfectly! The "T" profile will hold it in place during use should you wish to remove it after, but we've added tapped holes in our cast table if you want to screw an alloy track in semi-permanently. The ultimate in flexibility to cater to your preference. We have coupled these tracks with two "multi-size" T-Tracks running front to back, that accommodate standard 1/4" and 5/16" T-bolts and fixtures such as hold-down clamps and T-Track clamps. In fact, these tracks will even work with Kreg's uniquely sized Automaxx Bench Clamps! If you need to hold your work, take your pick! We've got you covered!

A slotted "X" through the centre of the table will allow mounting of various traditional drill press vices such as a cross-slide or tilting vice, while the table has a central removable and replaceable 8mm thick nylon insert - helping you avoid accidentally drilling into the table itself.

*Designed to fit many Drill Presses with a minimum 165mm (6.5") swing (column to drilling centre). Supplied standard with a 46mm table mount column, it includes a steel adaptor sleeve for 52mm mounting requirements. We found that this covered many bench and floor model drill presses on the market, irrespective of brand. We acknowledge there is unfortunately no "one-size-fits-all" solution for the vast range of drill press machines on the market. Should you have a different size, you may still be able to use this table by creating your own adaptor sleeve or other modification and indeed, we've already had customers do just that! But we'll leave that in your hands. It is not suited to smaller drill press machines without some modification, due to requiring enough throat depth to accommodate the 330mm deep table.

NB: Some images include accessories not included. Sold separately.
Brand Carbatec