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DMT Deluxe Aligner Sharpening System Kit

Product Code: DMT-ADELUXE

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  • Nylon pouch allows it to be stored or taken with you.
  • Three grits provided.
  • 7 different preset angles will cater for most knives.

The DMT Aligner™ Easy Edge-Guided Knife Sharpening Kit uses an Aligner blade clamp 7 different angle choices providing a wide range of choices of angles for different blades and knives, to cover kitchen knives all the way through to camping knives and almost anything in between. The clamping mechanism can cope with blades up to 9.5mm thick, allowing it to be used on all sorts of knivces and camping implements.

The holder is made of a glass reinforced engineering polymer, making it very strong, yet gentle enough not to mark your favourite knives. Sharpening knives has never been so easy. A sharp knife is less likely to cause injury as it is easy to use, compared to the effort used to force a blunt knife to do the same thing.

A nylon carry pouch allows this to be taken with you, and stored carefully away.

Aligner™ Kits include the interchangeable stone holder, blade guide, instructions and three 100mm Diamond Whetstone™ sharpeners.
Brand DMT
Grit 1200 - Extra Fine (Green)
Grit 325 - Coarse (Blue)
Grit 600 - Fine (Red)


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