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In September 2022, Carbatec was announced as a major sponsor of season 2 of the DVine Living show on 7Plus.  Over some 16 weeks, host Dale Vine took us through a DIY & woodworking journey, as he fits out a workshop space, learns some new skills and begins to create bespoke pieces and undertake practial renovations.  Look back at our step by step of each weeks project, or click each link to watch each episode.

Episode 1 - Workshop Set-Up 

Dale Vine drops into Carbatec to get our advice on some projects he's been dreaming of. We begin by talking to Dale about setting up his workspace and the importance of selecting the right tools for the job.

Episode 2 - Recycled Timber Picture Frames

Dale creates some small and simple rustic picture frames from recycled hardwood.

Episode 3 - Display Shelf with French Cleat hanger

Dale creates a simple display shelf for over a bed and mounts it to his wall with a traditional French Cleat.

Episode 4 - Mudroom Lockers

Join Dale as he puts together two simple plywood solutions to keep damp jackets and muddy shoes out of the house.  This type of carcass construciton can be applied to all manner of shelving, storage units and cabinets.

Episode 5 - Spoon Carving

Dales complaints of undersized spoons have been heard!  He set out to learn some finer woodworking skills and with only a few basic carving tools, creates a beautiful and functional handmade wooden spoon.

Episode 6 - Timber & Resin Platter

Watch Dale create an amazing Timber and Resin platter.

Episode 7 - Solid Timber Bedhead

Dale 'rescues' some well weathered heavy hardwood joists and solid wood cladding, and creates a beautiful bedhead.

Episode 8 - Barn Door

Dale removes the curtain from the walk in wardrobe, and creates a beautiful solid timber sliding barn door to replace it.

Episode 9 - Plant Stand

A flourish of ficus or a sample of succulents, Dale creates a multi tier plant stand for his beloved bonzai collection.

Episode 10 - Feature Wall

In the great example of upcycling, Dale creates a stunning feature wall around his TV using old hardwood fence plaings.  Sounds questionable..right?  Don't stress!  The beauty of timber shines through.

Episode 11 - Laminated Serving / Bread Board

A great way to use up a few scraps of offcut hardwood, and by making a laminted serving platter of breadboard.  A mix of different species timber, gives a stunning result.

Episode 12 - Breakfast / Lap Table

A really simple project and a great, practical gift idea (the days between now and Christmas are dissapearing quickly).  Made from basic materials and very simple to put together.

Episode 13 - Chalk Board

Dale lets the kids explore their artistic creativity by building them an adult scale chalkboard.  Simple constriction using off the shelf boards and minimal cutting (even the chalkboard was pre-finished).

Episode 14 - Cupboard Doors / Drawer Fronts

Dale replaces the dated and worn laminate cupboard doors/drawer, with some custom-made hardwood ones.

Episode 15 - Adjustable Laundry Shelf

Dale adds an adjustable shelf unit into the renovated laundry, freeing up that valuable counter space and complimenting his new cupboard doors & drawers.