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Ep15 - Adjustable Shelving Unit

In Part 2 of this laundry makeover, Dale adds some adjustable shelves to the newly renovated laundry, giving some practical and versatile storage (keeping the benchtop clutter free) The tools used in this project were:

  • SawStop SST-JSS15-PRO Jobsite Saw
  • Kreg KR-KMS7102 Precision Mitre Gauge
  • Carbatec WB-6030 Height Adjustable Workbench
  • Kreg KPHJ720PRO Pocket-Hole Jig
  • Kreg KR-KHCCC 90 Degree Corner Clamp
  • Kreg KR-KMA3232 Shelf Pin Jig

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Of course, this will be very specific to your own requirements, but for Dale’s matching shelves, he needed:

    The Process

    To create matching shelves, for the newly mounted laundry door, Dale chose to use the same pre finished laminated hardwood panels, cutting them down in width to make more material.  Each of the 3 panels was ripped in half along its length, to give us 6x boards. 

    1. Attach the rip fence to your saw, then carefully measure, mark and rip cut the 3 panels, to form 6x boards.  These need to be identical, so you may need to trim some of the panels (without moving your rip fence) so they match.
    2. Remove the rip fence and attach an accurate mitre gauge.
    3. Measure, mark and cross cut 2x top/bottom panels to the desired length
    4. Measure, mark and cross cut three upright panels (two sides and one centre support) to the desired height.  These will be positioned on the inside of the top/bottom panels, so ensure you include the thickness of these two panels when making your calculations.
    5. NOTE: stacking your boards and making a single cross cut will be more accurate than individual cuts.
    6. Using the Kreg KPHJ-720-PRO Pocket-hole jig, create pocket-holes on the inside faces of your left, right and centre upright boards.
    7. Assemble and join the large outer frame, using the Kreg 90degree corner clamp to assist
    8. Mark the centre point (or the desired position for your centre upright), top and bottom.
    9. Clamp the centre board in place, aligning to the marks, and fasten in place.
    10. Use the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig, to create pin holes in the desired positions on the inside of your frame.
    11. Measure, mark and cut shelves to fit on the insides of your frame.
    12. Test fit shelves and adjust as required.
    13. Finish the entire project with Whittle Hardwax Oil prior to hanging.
    14. Attach shelf unit to wall with appropriate fasteners.  Select fasteners depending of the total weight of your project PLUS weight of anything that will be stored in it.  A French Cleat (as seen in several other projects) could be utilised, as could sturdy angle brackets, or a screwed simple board (as Dale used).

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