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Carbatec End Sealer - 2ltr

Product Code: ENDSEALER

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End Sealer is an off-white liquid emulsion of waxes and water designed to prevent "end checks" or splits in cut or sawn timber. 

Moisture is lost from wet (green) timber, faster through end grain than face grain. This difference in speed of moisture loss is what leads to end checking - cracks in the ends of the milled timber piece. End Sealer effectively controls/slows the moisture loss from the ends of the timber to acceptable limits; thus aiding to prevent excessive "end checking" of timber.

End Sealer should be applied at approximately 4m2 per litre; ie comparable to one heavy coat of paint. End Sealer is stable in extended storage. However, packages should not be exposed to temperatures near or below freezing point, as this may cause the emulsion to break, leading to separation of the wax and water components.

Using End Sealer on fresh cut timber can increase sound timber yield from each log - a higher yield and return. Easily applied by brushing, dipping or spraying with conventional paint spraying equipment. More effective and lower in cost than regular paint type materials.

Brand Carbatec