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Japanese Fish/Sashimi Knife - 210mm

Product Code: JTM-801-546

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Sashimi bocho, literally "sashimi knife" is a type of long, thin knife used in Japanese cuisine to prepare sashimi, and other sliced raw fish or other seafood. The length of the knife is suitable to fillet medium-sized fish.

Traditionally, these are made of carbon steel, which needs regular maintenance and oiling to prevent rust. However, many modern knives are carbon steel and stainless steel composite, these still need care to avoid surface rust. It is recommended that knives be wiped clean after use, and not put into a dishwasher.

Handles have a rounded profile in Magnolia Wood, with the blade being Forged High Carbon Steel 1.1%(SHIROGAMI). Blade is bevelled on one side only.

PLEASE NOTE: Please keep it clean and dry to avoid rusting.


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